Lillybrook has a David Bellamy Conservation Gold Award – for continuing commitment to conservation and the environment. Lillybrook is also now an officially ‘Honey Bee Friendly’ Park.


Lillybrook has always harboured a great love of the environment, and in recent years our aim has been to make our homes as well as the park in general as eco-friendly as possible. The eco-adjustments we’ve made benefit both the environment and the running costs of your home.

The extensive eco-features that we offer are listed below.

  • Ceramic Radiators

    Lillybrook have recently introduced a new dry heating system into our latest homes. With our homes extremely high levels of insulation they do not require the usual boiler operated radiators. We use the latest electric Ceramic Radiators throughout the home. This enables each room to be set at different temperatures if desired. As well as being maintenance free, ceramic radiators have low running costs and are easy to operate.

  • Home Insulation

    Lillybrook is working alongside the manufacturers to improve the standard of home insulation. We ensure that the majority of new homes come with 100ml of blown foam in the walls, this is equivalent to 200ml of fibreglass and is a third more than standard requirements call for. Our floors also come with extra insulation equivalent to a further 150ml of fibreglass. Lastly, our roofs contain 300ml of fibreglass insulation in order to ensure that you’ll never go cold on those bitter winter nights.

    S.I.P. (Structural Insulated Panel) FLOOR – For the last few years Lillybrook have been using S.I.P flooring on all our new homes. We find that it has made the homes both more ridged & provides better insulated floors. The floor is manufactured using a top & bottom board with blown foam in the middle (amusingly resembling a giant ice cream wafer). This removes the need for any wooden cross sections across the floor of the home, which gives thermal bridging (cold sections) throughout the floor.

  • LED Lighting

    LED lighting is the most cost-effective form of lighting available; with a running cost half of that of a fluorescent light. We strive to make certain that our new homes come equipped with LED lights.

    As well as installing these lights into our homes, we’ve also taken to using them in the park street lights. Soon we hope to replace all of our street lights with LED lighting.

  • Triple Glazing

    All our new homes come equipped with triple glazed windows throughout the home. This further helps to boost insulation levels.

All in all, these improvements lower the cost of running a park home and in turn reduce the bills paid by our residents. Our latest homes show an average running cost of:

£12 – £18  per week for electricity & heating costs

£2 – £4 per week for water & sewerage costs.

Our ongoing aim is to reduce this further and make park home living more affordable for all.