2016 BH&HPA Conference

On the 28th January we attended the annual BH&HPA conference, hosted at the QE2 Conference Centre in London. The BH&HPA honorary president David Bellamy, the environmental campaigner and Botanist was in attendance. Many may remember him as a famous TV personality.
Every year all BH&HPA member parks can be assessed on their eligibility for a David Bellamy Conservation Award. The award comes in three tiers: bronze, silver and gold. The accolade commends those who bear a commitment to the conservation of the environment.

Philip & Bellamy 2016 2

For the last two years Lillybrook has been the proud recipients of the gold award. It’s an honour that our consideration towards the local wildlife and our passion for the countryside has been recognised, and although maintaining the serenity of the environment is a reward in of itself, the recognition is flattering all the same.
All scheme members had the chance to have their photo taken with Bellamy, and we were happy to seize the opportunity.


All members were encouraged to invite their local MP’s to the conference lunch to further their understanding on how parks operate.
We contacted our local MP, James Gray, about the possibility of his attendance. We were delighted when he agreed to accompany us. We also set up an onsite meeting with James to give him a tour of our parks as well as an update on our business.

Philip & James Gray 2We discussed current Park Home issues with James at the conference, one of which was the 2013 update to the Mobile Homes Act, which is due to be reviewed next year. One of the subjects that came up was the pitch fee review process and how the documentation for residents has become unnecessarily bureaucratic. Before the introduction of the 2013 Act Park owners prepared a one page pitch fee review document for residents. Due to the updated act that number has now climbed to nine. Many residents have commented to us that they find the nine pages excessive and confusing.

We also discussed how the 2013 act has impacted on residents selling their park home. The act prevents Park owners from providing comments and advice to residents and buyers alike concerning the sale of the home. This was introduced in an attempt stop a few Park owners from sale blocking. Although the idea was well intentioned it has stopped good park owners from giving potentially helpful guidance. James suggested an update to the Act could be if a resident asked Park Owners for advice, that we could provide a written response. The suggestion will go forward for consideration.