Lillybrook make improvements to public footpath

Lillybrook have recently made improvements to the public footpath which runs along the top of the park overlooking Dauntsey Vale.

We used much of our excess soil stock to fill a large subsidence area of the footpath, making it much more level and considerably wider through that particular area.

The grass seed we planted has now grown through and has integrated itself seamlessly with the rest of the footpath.

Lillybrook provide new fence for Bradenstoke Village Hall

Following seven years with Lillybrook being the major sponsor of St Marys Church Window Fund, the refurbishment of the windows is now complete. They can now be opened for the first time since the Second World War.

As part of our efforts to support the local community Lillybrook are now going to offer some support to Bradenstoke Village Hall.

We were asked to design, fabricate and supply a fence along the Village Hall boundary wall, which was completed last week, and we were delighted to receive a thank you card from the Village Hall Committee.

Bradenstoke village hall fence

In the past when we had scrap metal to take for recycling, resultant money was paid to St Marys Church Window Fund. We have now asked the Recycling Company that in future for any scrap metal we take to them they make payment to Bradenstoke Village Hall instead.

Lillybrook granted planning approval for 12 new Park Homes

We are delighted to announce that Wiltshire Council have granted Lillybrook permission for 12 new Park Homes on the field behind Lillybrook office.

We plan to design these new homes to be our most eco friendly & energy efficient homes to date.

As part of the development Lillybrook plan to install a walk way around the field that leads to a pond on the far side for all residents of both Parks to enjoy.


We now have to discuss this development with the relevant Utility Companies (Water, Phone, Power etc). We also need to look at organising the infrastructure work required, and fitting this around our current work schedules. Therefore we cannot give an exact date of when construction work will commence, although we estimate the first home will arrive in early 2019. We will provide further updates as work progresses.