New Home Arriving On Lillybrook

We are delighted to announce that on Friday 19th January a new 42ft x 20ft Prestige Sonata 2 with be arriving on Lillybrook.

This Home will be located on No.8 Lillybrook and has already been sold subject to contract.

As with all new Lillybrook Park Homes this Home comes complete with SIP panel flooring (offering greater insulation & less squeaking than the standard wooden floors), triple glazed windows and thicker walls containing much greater insulation. All these extra features combine to offer the resident a much warmer, and cost effective Park Home.

The arrival of this Home kicks off a busy period for Lillybrook with a further Home arriving in February (Plot No.52 Lillybrook) and 2 further homes expected to arrive in June-July period, one on Lillybrook (Plot No.25) and one on Church Park (Plot No.40). We will also be carrying out extensive renewal work on Church Parks roads in January-February. Alongside these new homes arriving we plan to begin work on our 12 home new development.